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Virtual Identity

As your company grows, so does the need to improve and expand your online presence.

Customized websites afford you the most flexibility over those created with a website builder.

As expected from custom projects, they are as unique as your business model, therefore final pricing and turnaround time will greatly depend on what you need it to accomplish.

Fast Turnaround

Most sites are up and running within 5 business days.

Websites with special requirements such as custom designs (not based off of a commercially available template or from our existing template library) may take longer and will highly depend on all requirements being met to adhere to our timelines.

While there are several business models, there can also be several types of websites. To better assist you, we've narrowed it down to our three most popular website formats.


Corporate / Brochure
An informative-type website, to help you showcase your brand.
Ideal for small to mid-sized businesses that are not selling directly online.
Magazine / Blog
A website that requires dynamic content upgrades, and constant material for growth.
Ideal for visionaries and entrepreneurs that share content with the world on a regular basis

E-Commerce / Web Catalog
For customers who need to sell products and services online. We provide two main options for this service:
Standard (1-25 items) and Retail (26+ items)


If your need is different from these options, we'll gladly custom tailor a solution for your business or personal site. You can always upgrade, downgrade or extend as your needs change overtime.


All Custom Website Packages include the following:

Domain Registration
This is the actual web address (name) of your site. Domain names are on a first-come, first-serve basis– don't let somebody else take your desired name away!
Web Hosting
This is the virtual space where your site resides. Without hosting, your virtual identity cannot be shared on the Internet. We'll recommend the best server type for your business.
Standard SEO
This important feature makes it easier for customers to find you when using search engines (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) while surfing the web.
Social Media Integration
These tools allow your audience to interact with you. Simple tools such as "Like, Follow or Share" can exponentially impact the dynamics of your business.
Image Optimization
Imagery plays a key role on all sites. It ranges from simple color correction to sophisticated visual editing, to match your message in a relevant and effective manner.
Tracking Tools
To better measure your visitor's behavior, we install standard tracking tools that will record all statistical and demographic information, among other special purposes.
Responsive or Adaptive Design
Today's audience relies heavily on smart and mobile technology. Our sites give you the flexibility to provide mobile-friendly solutions to your audience.
Temp Landing Page
For new or heavily remodeled websites, we provide a FREE responsive single-page Landing for your visitors to contact you during the main site's planning and development stages.

During our meeting, we will discuss your specific goals and build together a road-map to achieve them. For all existing websites, prior to uploading your new website, we'll create a full backup image of your server for you to keep. We'll run a virus scan and ensure that your new site starts with a clean slate, along with other trade-secret tweaks for best results.

What do I do if Custom Web Development plans are above my current budget situation? I do need a website now!

If our customized website options are currently higher than what your budget allows or exceeds your business needs, we offer you our BZVweb-Builder plans for as little as $60.oo per year! (That's only $5.oo a month!). You get a professional website in minutes, no experience needed! With hundreds of mobile friendly templates to choose from and customize, your website has never looked better. None of our Builder plans have "HIDDEN FEES" like many of our competitors subtly do.

Check BZVweb™ Builder for more details!

Transparency and Security Practices

Prior to getting to your appointment, please review the pertinent literature provided on this site including our Customer-Provider Policy and Non-Disclosure Agreements.

We have created those for your benefit and to provide full work practices transparency throughout the project.

The BeeZee Difference

We provide to you the new standard in High Quality Professional Web Services on all our projects with over 15 years experience in the industry.

Our main services include Web Design, Web and Server Maintenance, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing and Social Media Campaign Administration.

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