Website & Server Maintenance

Updates, Troubleshooting, Modifications and Optimizations

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Every website, server and workstation needs maintenance at some point. Depending on the usage, yours may need more than others to keep it in top shape and performance.

Website Management

Making sure your website is running smoothly and its engine and code are up to date is the role of our web maintenance engineers. As technology changes, the code and content of your website need to be updated to meet the new standards as well as to keep your web content fresh for search engines and your visitors.

Web maintenance is most important with dynamic websites running a blog, ecommerce and even publicity related portals. Proper maintenance ensures that your content is always up to date and running up to speed, and in most cases, will work hand in hand with your marketing department to ensure that your campaigns get the most out of it.

Server Maintenance

Unlike web maintenance which focuses on what your visitors can access when they visit your website, server maintenance can handle software, hardware or a combination of both to ensure the proper functioning of all functionality linked to your virtual business identity.

Server maintenance needs will greatly vary based on the type of server to be maintained. Nonetheless, one of the main priorities on this service is to ensure that all functionality runs smoothly throughout server roles: Webmail, FTP, HTTP, Database, Security, etc.

Local Area Network (LAN)

A Local Area Network (LAN) is essentially a 'small private internet' otherwise known as Intranet. Based on your needs (business, home, game lan-party, etc.), this LAN may or may not be linked to the actual Internet for incoming and outgoing connections. There are several things you ought to consider for running or setting up a LAN.

This service will focus on making sure your local server and network perform the way they are supposed to. We work with all server types and can help configure a cluster of as many as needed for your specific needs. This service is only available on select locations. For more information you'll need to contact our offices.

Transparency and Security Practices

We can help answer your Server Related Questions by requesting a meeting with one of our agents.  Prior to getting to your appointment, please review the pertinent literature provided on this site including our Customer-Provider Policy, Customer-Technician Policy and Non-Disclosure Agreements.

We have created those for your benefit and to provide full work practices transparency throughout the project.


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