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What are Landing Pages?

The global definition for a Landing Page is a section of a website accessed by clicking a hyperlink on another webpage or direct access though a specific URL (universal resource locator, a.k.a. web address).

In reality, a landing page can be any page unique to a domain or subdomain, and may sometimes even be an integrated section of a the main website. This page is where visitors land based on searches or campaign ads.

What are the uses of a landing page?

The main purpose of a landing page is to help increase your conversion rates for when visitors reach your page. You may want to sell a specific product or service, or simply get people signed up for a sweepstakes. The uses will vary depending on the type of campaign your marketing department wants to run.

The way it works is, your landing page will have special coding to identify where your visitors are coming from and the actions they perform within it. The layout of your landing is very important. Unlike the homepage of your website, which is usually very broad about all that you offer, the landing page is very specific to a target audience. This special page focuses on Calls to Action.

What is a Call to Action?

As the name implies, it calls on to the visitor to act upon something. Assuming the most common use of a landing page, when you have a segmented promotional offer for your customers, you'll communicate through this landing page that you receive a special "something" if they perform the action you request. For example, get a 20% discount when you sign up to our newsletter; or perhaps get a Free Gift when you purchase 2 party mustaches. If the visitor sees that the action is simple, and the offer meets their needs (or satisfies a desire), he or she will act upon it, completing the cycle on the website.

Can one landing handle all incoming traffic?

The technical answer to this question is YES. However, if metrics are more important to you, then it is best to run separate landings or tracking methods (even if seemingly identical) to better segmentate your incoming traffic. This way, if you run your campaign on Social Medias, Google AdWords, Email Campaign, Magazine, TV, radio, etc., rather than asking where they came from, it is best to point them directly to a unique page to that particular medium or load the identifier code automatically based on the point of entry.

Please note that you don't have to have one landing page for each and every marketing reach method; instead just for the most important mediums and a generalized page or method for all the rest.

Anything else I should know about Landing Pages?

This is a very broad subject and while Google is your friend, nothing beats a face to face conversation with a professional in the industry. We provide a Free initial consultation to get you started on the best course of action. Contact us today and we'll help you promote your business or service properly.

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